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Chances are you or someone you love is struggling with infertility. Well, first things first.  I’m sorry you are hurting. There is really nothing anyone can say that will dissolve the deep-down heartache you feel.  I know- because my husband and I have experienced primary and secondary infertility, miscarriages and failed adoption. Specifically, we had over 288 negative pregnancy tests, six surgeries, countless vials of blood for hormone testing, progesterone shots, medicine, and spiritual, emotional and physical pain.  I understand!

You may feel or have felt: alone, envious, desperate, lost, selfish, tired, depressed, humiliated, and as if you are being punished. You know what? I am not about to let you lose hope! I never did and now we have three beautiful children. I want to present to you a better way- a way of hope, patience, grace, gratitude, love, trust, perseverance, and faith.

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