Ok, this is embarrassing, but I will share with you what people say about me. Trust me- it is God working through me!


“Melissa is a true 20th century disciple! She is so full of peace and joy and has this unique fire burning inside of her to spread God’s word. Once you meet her, you instantly sense her profound love for God. She possesses an immense knowledge of the Church’s teachings and proclaims it with a beautiful, positive attitude to all that she meets.” Molly B.

“Melissa Foley is a phenomenal speaker because she practices what she preaches. She speaks with great love and authenticity, simplicity and clarity which leaves the audience convinced of the message she preaches of virtue and real Gospel love. She speaks of Christ because she knows him and only seeks His glory through all that she does. Enjoy praising God and being filled with the Holy Spirit through the words of Melissa Foley!” Lindsey G.

Engaging, exciting and thoroughly experiential, YOU will be the one receiving compliments for being so clever as to engage Melissa Foley as your next speaker!  Her capacity to focus her message to meet the needs of your audience and her fun loving nature are a great combination. She is a sure-fire crowd- pleaser through creative, dynamic presentations.” Jennifer K.

“Melissa Foley is a dynamic and engaging speaker.  Her authentic love for Jesus and people is evident, and her enthusiasm is contagious.  Melissa knows how to connect with people personally and bring them closer to Christ through her insight, knowledge and desire to share God’s love with all she meets.” Patty S.

“Melissa Foley is a highly spiritual and knowledgeable speaker.  Her energy and enthusiasm are unparalleled and she exudes a love for souls that is almost palatable.  She can have you laughing and crying at the same time and you will leave truly inspired!” Lynette H.

“Melissa, is electric.  When she enters a room, it’s brighter.  Her examples and stories are down to earth and faith-filled.  Melissa has a passion for her mission and her humor and warmth will capture every participant!” Deb M.

“Melissa’s way of speaking is so full of love for God and people.  I have learned so much from Melissa that I will never forget.” Kathy P.

“Melissa has spoken frequently over the past several years on varying topics in regard to youth formation for us.  I am always very impressed by 1) her professionalism and magnetic personality, 2) her obvious extensive preparation in analysis and research of the audience to pinpoint her presentations to the exact needs of the group, 3) her use of respectful humor to engage the audience which keeps them captivated and 4) her insistence on ‘take home value’ by including his real life experiences and other examples that people can relate to and implement. Her approach comes across perfectly with what our programs are centered on – charity.” Todd B.

“Melissa is an extraordinary speaker in many ways. Her knowledge of the Christian faith and deep prayer life coupled with her great sense of humor and enthusiasm makes Melissa one of the most interesting and exciting speakers I have ever heard.” Alice T.